Why Learn Solidity? 5 Benefits Of Learning Solidity Today!

 May 16, 2019

By  Rangel Stoilov

Yesterday I was SHOCKED to find out that some of my students haven’t even started my bestselling course Solidity Smart Contracts: Build DApps In Ethereum Blockchain and they have already got enrolled

I understand that some of you might have decided to get it and start at some point in the future…

However, the sooner you learn this technology the better. You will come ahead of the completion as there isn’t so much at the moment.

This is why today I wanted to share with you why you should learn Solidity:

  1. Learning Solidity will increase your chances of getting hired as a freelancer or scoring a full time job. According to USAToday it is the #1 in-demand skill to have as a developer.
  2. Scoring a job in the field will get you the average of over $120,000 per year. That is over $10,000 per month. Don’t believe me? Check the stats here:

  3. Launching your own cryptocurrency can earn you between $1000-$1 million depending on your marketing efforts. ICOs have been the main funding source of ideas in the recent years.
  4. Build a dApp and monetizing it is a great business idea. The famous CryptoKittis have $12 millions raised. The first generation of kitties they sold they got %100 of the profits and %3.5 for every transaction after that in the dApp. Not bad, huh?
  5. Cryptocurrencies, web3 and smart contracts are the future! Even Opera, the third most used browser worldwide, has integrated crypto in their software. The future is here, old man!

So what are you waiting for?

Start The Course -> Solidity Smart Contracts: Build DApps In Ethereum Blockchain

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you inside the course!

Rangel Stoilov

Hello! My name is Rangel and I have been a web developer for 8 years now. First I have started with Dreamweaver back in the days and went through Wordpress as a simple way to create websites. After that I wanted to go further in the web development so I started learning different programming languages such as C#, Java & JavaScript. I have a major in Java with Spring Framework and now I am pursuing to deepen my knowledge in different JavaScript frameworks. I also have a passion for Solidity and Smart Contracts as well as the Truffle Framework. I have also dived in the entrepreneurial spirit with Amazon publishing and trading on the Forex market as well as creating automated systems for trading.

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