Hello! My name is Rangel and I have been a web developer for 8 years now. First I have started with Dreamweaver back in the days and went through WordPress as a simple way to create websites. After that I wanted to go further in the web development so I started learning different programming languages such as C#Java & JavaScript. I have a major in Java with Spring Framework and now I am pursuing to deepen my knowledge in different JavaScript frameworks. I also have passion for Solidity and Smart Contracts as well as the Truffle Framework. I have also dived in the entrepreneurial spirit with Amazon publishing and trading on the Forex market as well as creating automated systems for trading.


My areas of expertise:
✅ Ethereum Smart Contracts (Solidity, Truffle, Ganache, Web3.js)
✅ Application Development with MERN or MEAN stack (Angular | React)
✅ ERC20 Token Creation

What I can do:
1️⃣ Development of smart contracts
2️⃣ Create and deploy DApps (Decentralized Applications)
3️⃣ Help you create your own ERC20 Token
4️⃣ Develop Web Applications
5️⃣ Create a Backend, REST API
6️⃣ Other related tasks

Other Web Development Skills
🔸 ReactJS
🔸 Angular 7
🔸 MongoDB
🔸 ExpressJS
🔸 NodeJS

Programming languages I usually use in my work: Solidity, Javascript, Java, C#
Databases I usually work with: MySQL, MongoDB.

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